About the Library 

Each and every day of our current life has an impact on our future. Our deeds today define our prospects for tomorrow. This is especially true with reference to university libraries in Ukraine. The development and sustainability of Ukraine’s institutes of higher learning largely depend on on the library’s strategies. Their mission is supporting  the universities’ efforts in a wide range of  education al issues.

There is no large university without a large library – these words express with much fidelity the direct dependence of education quality on information and documentary maintenance of all sides of higher education institution activities.

The Scientific and Technical Library of Pryazovskyi State Technical University (PSTU) was established along with the University in 1930. Today it is one of the largest libraries in Donetsk Region. Library acquisitions number more than 500 thou holdings meeting the needs of the faculty, research workers, post-graduate and master students.

The Library has 3 circulation divisions, 5 reading rooms, book storage and catalogue departments, acquisitions and cataloguing. There are 13 computer work-stations for users with free Internet access and Wi-Fi connection to the network resources.

The Electronic library includes 9000 electronic editions of study literature from the full-text databases: Electronic Library of Textbooks, Workbooks and Practicum developed by PSTU teachers as well as 13 electronic versions of scientific journals. The Library is forming an institutional repository, which provides on-line access to the PSTU teachers’ publications. One of the priorities in the library activities is electronic delivery of these documents.

At today stage of development a peculiar feature of a university library is that, possessing a powerful information potential, it belongs to the university information media. It not only has an impact on this media but also depends on the work of the people who create it. The information potential of PSTU Library is realized through new information technologies, which created a new type of communications and became part of everyday university life. With such a variety of functions and components the Library is both an integral part of the university education area and the nucleus of the education process.

Pryazovskyi State Technical University

Founded in 1930

Pryazovskyi State Technical University is one of the oldest educational establishments in Donetsk Oblast. The university has 10 faculties and 45 departments.

PSTU is the largest academic and scientific centre in the South-East of Ukraine. The university offers graduate and professional educational programs for students from the Azov Sea region, Ukraine and other countries. The student body includes about 11.000 students working towards bachelor, specialist and master degrees. The advanced degree programs are offered through the postgraduate department.

Today the faculty of the University is 500 teaching staff, including 46 professors with doctorates and about 229 docents with the degree of candidate of science. Among them are 50 full and affiliated members of various branch academies of sciences in Ukraine and abroad, 6 honored fellows of science and engineering, laureates of national prizes and honored workers in education of Ukraine.